For more than 40 years BYLA produces chemical specialities means adhesives with serving products, products for forensic science and chemicals for material analysis.

Special Adhesives

Bylamet cyanoacrylates: So-called super glues, for the different applications.

Bylloc: Anaerobic adhesives and sealants hardening under the absence of air. Thread locking, bonding of bolts, studs, etc.

Bylapox: One and two part epoxide adhesives mainly bonding metals to metals and metals to other materials.

Byllux: Light curing adhesives where one of the substrates must be transparent or translucent.

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Anaerobic Adhesives

one-component systems

solvent free

easy to apply

quick setting

chemical resistant

vibration proof

room temperature curing

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Bylamet cyanoacrylates are a series of high strength and fast setting adhesives which be used for virtually any type of fastening job. They have been specially formulated to achieve the strongest possible bond between well-mated, non-porous surfaces, such as rubber, metals, plastics, glass, etc. Bylamet is a one-component, solvent free system and does not require the use of a catalyst, heat or clamps.

When a thin layer of Bylamet applied between two substrates, a rapid polymerisation occurs producing the ultimate bond. Bylamet is colourless, transparent and cures in seconds to minutes, depending upon the materials being bonded. It achieves tremendous shear strength, oftentimes stronger than the substrate itself. A single drop has a tensile strength of up to 30 N/mm² and can take the place of nails, rivets, screws, bolts, clamps, locks, and other fastening materials.

Bylamet is successfully used in the following industries: aircraft, appliance, automotive, ceramics, dental, electrical, electronic, metal products, instruments, jewellery, optical, rubber, etc.

Bylamet SVQ 

fastest setting type, bonding of balsa too, in a few seconds, 3 mPas 

Bylamet S5

type for general use, 50 mPas

Bylamet S500

for gaps until 0.4 mm 2500 ~ 3000 mPas

Bylamet G-Serie

odourless and non-blooming type, electrical circuits, 3 ~ 1500 mPas

Bylamet EL-Serie 

elastic cyanoacrylates, impact resistant up to 4000 mPas

Bylamet S2

specially for plastics and rubber, 20 mPas

Bylamet S10

type for general use, 100 mPas

Bylamet MQ-Serie

type for general use, 100 mPas

Bylamet HT-Serie

high temperature resistant low, medium and high viscous

Bylamet RB-35

black rubber toughened CA 350 mPas

Epoxide Adhesives

One- and two-component systems, solvent free, heat resistant, chemical resistant, vibration proof, room temperature curing

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Light curing adhesives. One of the substrates to be bond must be transparent or translucent.

  • one-component systems
  • solvent free
  • easy to use: bottles with 100 g or 1000 g or special cartridges
  • fast reaction
  • low energy costs
  • resistant against chemicals, humidity and thermal shock

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