Company BYLA from Runkel an der Lahn in county Limburg-Weilburg

For more than 40 years BYLA produces chemical specialities means adhesives with serving products, products for forensic science and chemicals for material analysis.

Adhesives can be divided into solvent based and solvent free adhesives. Hot melts and reactive adhesives are normally solvent free. The last category is the field of activity of BYLA. In between the following product series there are a lot of sub grades to meet the different requirements.


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Forensic Science

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At this point you will reach our metallography.

Some for many: Super glues

Cyanoacrylates are reactive liquids and the base of so-called super glues. Bylamet adhesives are single component and solvent free. They are used in different industries like automotive, electrical, electronic, rubber, plastic but also for medical use (dental) etc.

UV light curing adhesives (Byllux) react very fast if exposed by radiation while

2-part epoxide adhesives (Bylapox) at room temperature. Of course, we are able to offer 1-part epoxides, too.

Anaerobic adhesives (Bylloc) are curing under the absence of oxygen and are used to lock threads, pipes, etc.

Forensic Science

A product series to make latent finger prints permanent.

A product series to make latent finger prints permanent.

Corrosive fluids for copper, brass, steel, stainless steel, etc. Some examples:





Bylapox 3085 (potting)

All products are packed into user-friendly containers and are easy to handle. An up to date quality management controls the quality of the finished products.

Our products are suitable for most industries as they can be used on metal, windows, rubber, ceramics, electronic items, instruments and jewellery. They can also be used for electrical purposes or within the medical and dental industry.

The goods will not only be sold in Germany, they will also be exported through-out Europe and worldwide.

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